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Hysteroscopy and IVF success

Fertility treatments like IVF are costly, therefore doing it right for the first time is crucial. Taking all the necessary actions beforehand helps to evaluate the problems and increase the chances of success. Among various classical fertility treatments, IVF is considered to be asuccessful method worldwide. A hysteroscopy before IVF treatment can increase the chances […]

What Is Laser Assisted Hatching?

laser assisted hatching under microscope

Laser assisted hatching is a due process that take several process to complete. During fertilization procedure, the embryo produced is covered and protected for the first few days known as zona pellucida. In the oocytes of a female, it is a glycoprotein layer that is enclosed in the plasma membrane. The phenomenon by which the […]

What Is DFI?

what is DFI

DFI stands for for DNA fragmentation index and for a successful pregnancy to occur, the presence of healthy and motile sperm is a prerequisite. The quality and integrity of sperm are the main criteria that determine its motility, concentration as well as its morphology. Due to many factors, the sperm count, as well as its […]