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Understanding Male Infertility: Tests & Diagnosis

Understanding Male Infertility: Tests and Diagnosis Infertility is a common issue faced by many couples who are trying to conceive. While there are many myths surrounding infertility, it is important to remember that infertility is not restricted to women. Issues with sperm quality and production are also causes of infertility in couples. In fact, up […]

polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

What is a polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS ? The exact pathophysiology of PCOS is not clearly known. Numerous genetic & environmental factors act & contribute to its           pathophysiology. Reasons : Excessive production of Androgen especially from the ovaries & from adrenals in 50 % of women. Causes : Hyperinsulinemia Increased […]

Semen analysis and Infertility treatment

semen analysis and infertility

Semen analysis is a test of a man’s sperm and semen. Also known as a sperm count or male fertility test, its results show how many sperm are released, as well as how they’re shaped and how well they move. Semen is the thick fluid that comes from men’s penis when they ejaculate during sexual […]

Hysteroscopy and IVF success

Fertility treatments like IVF are costly, therefore doing it right for the first time is crucial. Taking all the necessary actions beforehand helps to evaluate the problems and increase the chances of success. Among various classical fertility treatments, IVF is considered to be asuccessful method worldwide. A hysteroscopy before IVF treatment can increase the chances […]

Do Fertility Treatments Cause Cancer?

Today, infertility cases are on the rise leading couples to opt for various fertility treatments. Fertility treatments require taking fertility drugs that help women to conceive. However, every unknown treatment comes with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. One of the common questions that every couple asks on their first appointment is the fear […]

Obesity And Male Infertility

male obesity and infertility

Obesity is a very common and continuously increasing medical condition among modern people which is caused by the increase in the size and the number of fat cells in the body. This condition is widespread and affects a third of the population. Obesity gained serious status as the condition can lead to high blood pressure, […]

What Is Laser Assisted Hatching?

laser assisted hatching under microscope

Laser assisted hatching is a due process that take several process to complete. During fertilization procedure, the embryo produced is covered and protected for the first few days known as zona pellucida. In the oocytes of a female, it is a glycoprotein layer that is enclosed in the plasma membrane. The phenomenon by which the […]

What Is Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Intracytoplasmic Sperm injection procedure

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a modern process of infertility treatment. Modern-day’s hectic life schedule leads to various complications in one’s life. These complications or stress can affect a person in several ways. Prolonged exposure to stress with no time to work out as well as unhealthy food habits may increase the body mass index or […]

What Is DFI?

what is DFI

DFI stands for for DNA fragmentation index and for a successful pregnancy to occur, the presence of healthy and motile sperm is a prerequisite. The quality and integrity of sperm are the main criteria that determine its motility, concentration as well as its morphology. Due to many factors, the sperm count, as well as its […]