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Fertility treatments like IVF are costly, therefore doing it right for the first time is crucial. Taking all the necessary actions beforehand helps to evaluate the problems and increase the chances of success. Among various classical fertility treatments, IVF is considered to be a
successful method worldwide. A hysteroscopy before IVF treatment can increase the chances of pregnancy. The test helps to determine if there are any underlying problems present in the uterine cavity that might prevent pregnancy. Sometimes, experts conduct laparoscopy to examine the pelvic areas of the women before beginning any treatment. However, it is important to note that every patient is different, doctors plan the treatment as per the condition of the case.

Hysteroscopy helps to identify and treat uterus (uterine cavity)problems. A long and thin lighted device known as a hysteroscope is inserted into the uterus through the vagina. The device helps to visualize the interiors of your uterus to help the doctor examine your uterus. When a woman has abnormal bleeding in the uterus, doctors recommend hysteroscopy to evaluate the problems. Abnormal bleeding includes heavy periods, bleeding between periods, and periods that last longer or occur more frequently than usual. Hysteroscopy helps to remove scar tissue like adhesions, to locate IUDs, or block the fallopian tubes to perform sterilization.

Among Various Tests, Hysteroscopy Helps To Detect Infertility Problems In Women

Diagnostic Hysteroscopy One of the common procedures that fertility experts use is diagnostic hysteroscopy. There are undeniable benefits of using diagnostic hysteroscopy to check the intrauterine cavity for issues. The test helps to examine the shape and volume of the uterus. It also helps to check the surface and thickness of the endometrium. Among various other alternatives, hysteroscopy is now on the op. Sometimes, multiple IVF failures occur due to endometrial incidence and abnormalities in the intrauterine cavity.
Therapeutic Hysteroscopy Fertility experts conduct research that suggests that hysteroscopy surgery for detecting intrauterine cavity anomalies before IVF treatment improves the success rates. Since the doctor performs the test in a practice environment, it must be included as a routine test before IVF treatment. However, many experts beg to differ suggesting not all uterine anomalies prevent implantation. In cases of any suspicion, ultrasonography or HSG tests are enough as initial exams.

Hysteroscopy and IVF Problems in women’s uterus and genetic issues lead to unsuccessful IVF attempts. Fertility experts perform this procedure on women who have multiple IVF failures. These tests help to check for any uterine conditions or scar tissues and remove them. Experts have done several studies that confirm the benefits of hysteroscopy before or after rounds of failed IVF.
Several clinics research every woman opting for IVF treatment. They believe that removing
scar tissues from the intrauterine cavity will help boost the IVF success rates.

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