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How Is Egg Donation Done : The Process, Sucess Rate

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Egg Donation is when a woman donor provides her eggs to another woman, helping She to conceive. It is an efficient process that is a part of assisted reproductive technology, also known as ART. The Process : In this procedure, the doctor removes eggs from the donor after her ovarian stimulation and fertilizes the eggs […]

Embryo Transfer, How does it happen?

In an in vitro fertilization(IVF) procedure, embryo transfer(ET) is not only the final but also the most crucial step. A good embryo transfer determines the probability of success of an IVF cycle, and for this, clinicians and embryologists need to work in close collaboration. The procedure of Embryo transfer is not painful and anesthesia is […]

What Happens During The Embryo Transfer Cycle?

During the embryo transfer cycle, the female partner has to undergo oral hormonal medications. From the start of her menses to makes her endometrial lining which means the inner wall of the uterus. Ultrasound monitoring is to check whether she is making a good endometrial lining. Once it is mid-cycle the patient needs to give […]