How Is Egg Donation Done : The Process, Sucess Rate2 min read

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Egg Donation is when a woman donor provides her eggs to another woman, helping She to conceive. It is an efficient process that is a part of assisted reproductive technology, also known as ART.

The Process :

In this procedure, the doctor removes eggs from the donor after her ovarian stimulation and fertilizes the eggs with the recipient’s husband sperms in the laboratory.

Egg donation process step by step

After complete fertilization, the embryo is then placed in the womb of the recipient woman. Women who have a poor ovarian
reserve, or have medical issues with pregnancy use this method to conceive.

This is a very successful and cost-effective process in ART, especially for elderly couples With the advancement in medical technology, numerous doctors recommend egg donation for women who seek IVF treatments.

The Success Rate :

The success rate of using egg donation ranges between 49-50%. When a couple recommends the use of egg donation, the doctors and medical assistants conduct an in-depth selection process to help find a suitable donor.

Egg donation process

For the donor to go through hyperstimulation, they have to consume different fertility drugs. This will help them produce several eggs at once.

Egg life cycle :

Throughout the cycle, the donor has to undergo a series of blood tests and ultrasound, which will help the doctor identify any
abnormalities during this procedure.

The egg Donors are registered Donors who have been medically screened and selected with very good egg quality and also appropriate looks.

Final Verdict

Coming to the final verdict the Egg donation process is very much helpful for the couples dealing with infertility.

its is a painless process for the couples the donor just has to go through certain procedures for the final process to continue with IVF, IUI or ICSI which depends on the situation of the patient.

Hope this blog help the couples who are intending for baby planning  

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