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Infertility is a common issue among couples today. With the advancing technologies, scientists have found various ways which help couples to start a family of their own. Usually, when it comes to infertility, the first thing that comes to mind is “IVF or In-vitro fertilization”. However, various other procedures are less expensive and less invasive than IVF. Further, it helps many couples to successfully obtain a biological child. One such process is the IUI or Intrauterine insemination. IUI procedure is a common treatment conducted in fertility clinics where the sperm is washed and directly placed into the uterus. Since the sperms are closer to the tubes, the chances of it swimming toward the mature egg and fertilizing it are higher.


IUI- How To Best Prepare For It?
IUI- How To Best Prepare For It?

5 Ways To Know If IUI Is The Right Treatment

Often couples might doubt the IUI procedure. Therefore, it is essential to rule out the clauses to make it the best treatment option for you. In this article, we will discuss in brief, the five ways to know if the procedure is right for you.

Fallopian tubes- doctors conduct an X-ray examination of the cavity of the uterus and the tubes known as hysterosalpingograms to check if the tubes are open. Sometimes, one of the tubes is blocked in women, in such situations the treatment is still in process, however, the doctors can check the side the woman is ovulating from. Women ovulate from one side of the tube at once and without testing, it is impossible to know which side a woman ovulates on.

USG of Uterus- various ways block the process of fertilization naturally. Sometimes cysts in the uterus, fibroid in the cavity or the presence of polyps in the uterus can block implantation. An ultrasound or a pelvic exam with your gynecologist helps to rule out any such issues.

Semen Analysis

one of the basic procedures that doctors perform while treating infertility is analyzing semen. There are various ways that one can apply to improve sperm health like taking adequate vitamins, changing lifestyle habits and many more. Sometimes, there are issues with the sperm or varicocele, which is why it is important to check hormones and other genetic tests.

Hormones- without the balance of hormones like AMH, prolactin, Estradiol, TSH, and Cycle day 3 FSH, fertility problems may take place. Doctors may conduct a preconception blood panel to understand hormone panels and treat all kinds of hormonal issues before IUI treatment.

Genetics- various tests detect the compatibility between the eggs and the sperm. You can ask your doctor to conduct preconception genetic testing before starting the IUI treatment. It is crucial to sit with your doctor and the possibilities of reaching your family goals with the help of the treatment.

ovulation takes place every month and many women can create more than one egg. Doctors recommend fertility drugs for ovulation at higher ages as the egg count decreases with age. You must discuss your period cycle and conduct tests to ensure if your ovulation period is working fine or if you need external drugs to make it possible.


Many couples think that sex is prohibited during treatment. However, fertility experts differ and find frequent sex the best exercise for intended parents. Frequent ejaculation tends to keep sperm healthy and active. It is best to avoid lubricants while collecting the semen for IUI treatment.
Lastly, timing is important. One of the factors of IUI treatment is not to miss your ovulation day. If you are planning to opt for IUI then these five ways will help you best prepare for it.

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