Does Intralipid infusion help?2 min read

Intralipid is a source of rich calories and fats for women to consume during their pregnancy. Being a synthetic product, it consists of 1.2% egg yolk, 10% soybean oil, and 2.25% of water and glycerine. Intralipid infusion improves the nutritional level and enhances the immune system, leading to successful pregnancies. However, there are numerous nutrients and vitamins that a couple should consume during pregnancy. Due to the lack of proper nourishment, various women have to face the signs of a miscarriage. Furthermore, doctors believe that natural killer cells from a lining around the womb, restrain the growth of the embryo. Intralipid being rich in fats and calories helps negate the risks of Natural killers, improving the success rates.

Does Intralipid infusion help?

What Are the Benefits of Intralipid Infusion?

Numerous clinical human trials show proof that Intralipid provides a woman with proper nourishment, enhancing their rate of a successful pregnancy. It also shows the effectiveness of Intralipid Infusion on the reticuloendothelial system of the woman receiving IVF treatment.
According to the research in one university center, there has been evidence that suggests the Intralipid infusion treatment is beneficial against multiple miscarriages in women. Moreover, the injections are effective for women who become pregnant therefore comparing it with leukocyte or Immunotherapy is worth it. Women with a history of RIF (recurrent implantation failure), multiple miscarriages, and elevated NK cell cytotoxicity can benefit from Intralipid infusion, as it enhances live birth. Furthermore, it helps to vanquish the abnormal activities of NK cell cytotoxicity and is proven to be effective as a therapy option for women with multiple pregnancy losses.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Here are some of the side effects that women experience after Intralipid infusion
If any of the symptoms show up, consult your doctor immediately for guidance. Furthermore, it is important to understand that if the doctor prescribes the treatment plan, then the benefits are greater than the side effects. However, usually, people using the medication do not suffer from serious side effects.

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