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Intrauterine insemination aka IUI is a common fertility treatment that many couples opt for having a biological child. The experts wash and concentrate healthy sperm and directly place it in the woman’s uterus. Since the process is done during the ovulation period, the sperm only needs to swim towards the fallopian tube, fertilize the egg and implant it in the lining of the uterus. Since the sperms are so near to the tubes, the chances of pregnancy gradually increase. The following treatment is best for couples of the same sex, for men with bad sperm motility, post-cancer patients and more. Although there are various other reasons for couples to opt for IUI, there are more cons than pros to the treatment.
Intrauterine insemination is a simple yet logical procedure that most couples agree to perform. The majority of Gynaecologists recommend IUI as their first course of treatment for infertility. All you need to have a baby is a mature egg and a healthy sperm capable of fertilizing it. Now the question lies when a perfectly healthy sperm is placed into the uterus during ovulation, how can IUI treatment fail?
6 Reasons Why IUI Treatment Fails in Couples?
Here are some of the reasons why intrauterine insemination fails in the majority of couples.
Egg Quality- a healthy embryo develops in a healthy and mature egg. Even if the IUI treatment is successful to make the patient pregnant, there is a high chance that the fetus will have birth defects or the woman might suffer a miscarriage.
Age- one of the major aspects of IUI treatment is the age of the women. The doctors usually reject IUI treatment for women of age forty or more. However, if the doctors still proceed with the treatment and succeed, the women will be facing a high-risk pregnancy.
Poor Semen Quality- one of the major basics of every fertility treatment is the quality of semen. The swimming and structural ability of the sperm helps it to travel from the vagina through the uterus and to the fallopian tubes. Therefore, semen quality plays an important role in implantation. If your partner has poor semen quality, the IUI procedure will fail.
Time- Timing is the key if you are looking for a successful procedure. A mature egg waits for twenty-four hours. Therefore, if the sperm doesn’t reach the egg within the speculated time, the IUI treatment fails.
Endometrial lining- a proper endometrial lining is important for the implantation or proper embedment of the fertilized egg. Without the presence of a healthy endometrial lining, the embryo will not get enough care for stable growth.
Progesterone hormone- if you have done your research on IUI treatment, then you will know that post the procedure, doctors often provide progesterone hormone drugs to the patient. A high level of progesterone in the body helps with the chances of pregnancy. However, in case of any deficiency, the procedure will fail.
Final words
Doctors often hide the success rate of IUI treatment with the couples. The truth is, there is only a success rate of 10-15% for a perfect IUI treatment. This means that no matter how good your doctor is, 90% of the treatment fails. It is important to remember that if three consecutive IUI treatments fail, there is no point in continuing the treatment. Because even if you change the doctor, your patient remains the same and so will be the problems.

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