10 Natural Way to Improve Sperms2 min read

5 Natural Way to Improve Sperms

10 natural ways to Improve sperms which are we gonna discuss here. Reduction in sperm count leads to infertility which is a common problem and is rapidly increasing worldwide According to the medical fraternity, a sperm count of fewer than 15 million /mL is considered a low count in comparison to 15 million per milliliter or at least 39 million per ejaculate for healthy persons, as per WHO.

This reduction in the count can be attributed to various reasons like work-related stress, unhealthy food habits, and lifestyles, exposure to occupational pollutants or genetic makeup of a person, etc. to name a few.

As a result, the number of infertility patients is rising. Studies have shown that approximately 1 in every 6 couples is having infertility-related problems and over 40% to 50% of infertility is because of male partners.

Though it is said that infertility may not be always treatable, a few healthy changes in daily routine with proper intake of food can boost sperm count to a satisfactory level. These changes are,

Daily workout and proper sleep can reduce excessive fats or obesity can improve sperm count. No to addictive substances like alcohol, drugs, or smoking which can reduce the testosterone levels and sperm quality and quantity.

Reduce Stress levels that harm sperm count.

Intake of supplements like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, folate, and calcium supplements can enhance the sperm count naturally.
Intake of antioxidant-rich foods helps in reducing free radicals in the body can naturally improve sperms.

Avoid eating excessive Soya which contains isoflavones that are related to lower sperm quality.

you can consider fenugreek, ashwagandha as these herbal remedies are well known as well as well documented fertility enhancers for decades.

Ayurveda also has some natural medications like shilajit which are very much helpful for increasing the sperm count of any male patient and spending a healthy sexual life for any individual 

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