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Intrauterine insemination is a treatment method to help couples get pregnant who cannot conceive naturally. The first thing that comes into every couple’s mind concerning infertility is IVF. While In-vitro fertilization is a very popular treatment today, science has come up with new treatment plans that are worth considering. These treatments are less expensive than IVF. The IUI treatment is an artificial insemination process that helps infertile couples to start a family.
The simple fertility treatment requires minimum to no fertility drugs. Experts collect the semen and wash them to collect healthy concentrated sperms. The washed sperm is then transferred to the uterus with a help of a catheter or tube. Doctors conduct the procedure during ovulation which helps the sperm to swim through the tubes and fertilize the waiting egg.
Tips to Improve the Success Rates of Intrauterine Insemination Treatment
Fertility treatments do not give a 100% positive outcome, which is why there are a few factors that can help boost the success rates. Here are some of the useful tips that couples can use for success.
Avoid Anxiety & Stress- there is a huge impact of stress and anxiety when it comes to fertility. Although it is normal for couples to stress over their treatments. However, sometimes that can harm their health and change the entire process of egg fertilization. Experts recommend women remain composed and have realistic expectations for the results.
Avoid Ejaculation Before IUI- Doctors recommend avoiding ejaculation for at least three days before the day of the treatment. Since semen volume and quality play an important role in the artificial insemination procedure, avoiding any secretion is best. Sperm can live up to five days, which is why abstaining for three days is ideal before IUI treatment.
Hormone stimulation- Fertility experts often induce hormones for stimulating ovulation for viable eggs before IUI. It helps to boost the success rates. However, not every patient requires hormone stimulation for IUI treatment.
Healthy diet- One of the important criteria of fertility treatment is to eat a healthy diet. Healthy eating can make a huge difference in your treatment results. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole-grain fibres, healthy fats and enough water can help you to successfully conceive and lead a healthy pregnancy.
Regular exercises- It is crucial to be in shape and live an active life while opting for fertility treatment. Regular exercise like hiking, walking, or yoga is best to try during IUI treatment. It helps to boost your IUI success rates.
Have sex after the treatment- Some couples think that having sex right after the treatment might hinder the possibilities. However, doctors suggest that it is great to have sex after the treatment. Since the uterus starts to contract, it pushes towards the tubes, helping the sperm reach the egg.
Final words
Fertility treatment can be stressful, which is why it is very important to relax. Since these procedures take time to show results, women must feel comfortable and happy during the period. Talk to your fertility expert about all the extra input that you can try to boost your IUI success rates.
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