Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition Clinic Range Of Services

Prenatal Nutrition:Our nutritionists provide customized nutrition plans for pregnant women, taking into account their unique needs and health concerns. We focus on optimizing nutrient intake to support the growth and development of the baby while maintaining the mother’s health.

Postpartum Nutrition:After delivery, the body requires adequate nutrients to recover and support the growth and development of the baby. Our nutritionists provide personalized nutrition plans to help women recover after delivery and support their milk production.

Nutritional Counseling:We offer nutritional counseling to support women in making informed decisions about their diet and overall dietary habits during pregnancy and postpartum. Our nutritionists provide guidance on healthy eating habits, portion control, and ways to manage common pregnancy-related concerns such as morning sickness.

Medical Nutrition Therapy:Our clinic offers medical nutrition therapy for women with specific health conditions such as gestational diabetes and hypertension. We work closely with healthcare providers to develop individualized nutrition plans that support the woman’s health and wellbeing.