Pediatric Nutrition Clinic Service

Infant and Toddler Nutrition:Our pediatric nutritionists work closely with families to develop customized nutrition plans for infants and toddlers, taking into account their specific developmental needs and growth patterns. We focus on optimizing nutrient intake to promote healthy growth and development during these crucial early years.

Nutritional Counseling:We provide nutritional counseling for children and families to help them make informed decisions about food choices and overall dietary habits. Our nutritionists provide guidance on healthy eating habits, portion control, and ways to manage picky eaters.

Medical Nutrition Therapy:Our clinic offers medical nutrition therapy for children with specific health conditions such as food allergies, celiac disease, and diabetes. We work closely with families and healthcare providers to develop individualized nutrition plans that support the child’s health and wellbeing.

Sports Nutrition:Our pediatric nutritionists work with young athletes to develop personalized nutrition plans that enhance physical performance and overall health. We focus on optimizing nutrient intake to support optimal growth and development during this crucial stage of life.