Laparoscopy For Endometriosis

In patients where clinical history is suggestive of endometriosis or there is an ultrasound diagnosis of endometriosis, early laparoscopy is recommended.

In patients with minimal and mild endometriosis, laparoscopic resection – ablation of endometriosis focal points or adhesions may improve the outcome of subsequent IVF/ICSI treatment in infertile women.

If an ovarian endometrioma>4 cm in diameter is present, laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy is recommended to histologically confirm the diagnosis, reduce the risk of infection, improve access to follicles, and possibly improve ovarian response.

For infertile women who have stage III/IV endometriosis and who have had previous one or more operations for infertility, IVF-ET is a better therapeutic option than another operation for infertility.