What is a Poor Ovarian Reserve?2 min read

ovarian reserve test

What do you meant by poor ovarian reserve ?

Poor Ovarian reserve means the number and quality of follicles in both the ovaries which eventually grow to make eggs in a woman.

Now women with decreased ovarian reserve do have regular menses but the response to ovarian stimulation or fecundity is reduced when compared to other women of the same reproductive age.

Why ovarian test is Important ?

Various ovarian reserve tests help in identifying women with decreased ovarian reserve. The number and quality of remaining oocytes(eggs) are assessed by tests for ovarian reserve.

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These include both biochemical tests and ultrasonographical imaging. Tests like an anti-Mullerian hormone(AMH), inhibin B, day-3 serum follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and serum estradiol.

Use of Ultrasonography for Ovarian Volume :

Ultrasonography is used to measure antral follicle count(AFC) and ovarian volume.

These tests may provide prognostic information in women at increased risk of diminished ovarian reserve, such as women are-

  1. Over age 35 years
  2. Have a family history of early menopause
  3. Have a single ovary or previous ovarian surgery, chemotherapy, or pelvic radiation therapy.
  4. Have unexplained infertility
  5. Have demonstrated poor response to gonadotrophin stimulation, or are planning treatment with assisted reproductive technology(ART)

These are the reasons which causes the reason behind the ovarian reserve for the infertile couples specially in women.

Also some of hereditary families containing with a history of Menopause can also be one of the reason of the ovarian reserve.

 So, there hardly any reason behind the particular problem any problem like this can be easily sorted based on the consultation.

In some of the few IVF care facilities available in the nation are always there top sort out these kind of Infertility issues.

Some infertility centers like Renew Healthcare offers these kind of facilities where there are equipped with embryologist.

And all the specialist to pursue IVF with a good success rate to a wholesome family.


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