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The “Save the Sibling” Program

“Save the Sibling” program, a collaboration of Renew Healthcare, Cordlife, and HCG EKO offers hope to families with a child with a fetal illness. The program allows families to conceive a healthy “savior sibling”. This is performed through advanced genetic testing and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, which can provide stem cells for a sibling with a genetic condition.

This blog discusses the process and implications of the program. We intend to offer families facing medical challenges:

  • A comprehensive solution with IVF in kolkata
  • Stem cell banking, and
  • Stem cell transplant services

All under one roof!

Let us read more!

Parenthood is a beautiful challenge that brings forth the most rewarding moments in life. From sleepless nights to endless love, it’s a journey of learning, growth, and pure joy. Every day brings a new adventure and an opportunity to shape the future. It starts with making a family and is a never-ending journey.

Genetic Disorders in a Child

A parent’s worst nightmare can be to have a child who is critically ill. A hematopoietic stem cell transplant is a child’s best (and occasionally only) shot at survival when they have a life-threatening, genetic blood condition such as Fanconi anaemia, -thalassemia, Tay-Sachs, or leukaemia (HSCT).

A good HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) match between the donor and recipient is necessary for HSCTs. Finding a donor for such a transplant can be challenging since HLA typing is significantly more complex than blood typing.

Parents who already have a kid who does not have the disease in concern and who matches the required level of HLA for the transplant are in an excellent position to save their ill child. This is especially beneficial if they have cord blood banked from the healthy child.

One child with an inherited condition will not survive without a stem cell transplant from a matched donor. So, parents cannot just try for another child and hope for the best. Also, the sick child’s time may be running out. However, there are measures to reduce the likelihood that the sickness will be passed on to the child.

Who are Savior Siblings?

Renew Healthcare, Cordlife, and HCG EKO bring you the “Save the Sibling” treatment program with the idea of conceiving a second child specifically to provide stem cells for a sibling with a genetic condition. This “designer baby” or “Boutique baby” in popular culture is known as the “savior sibling”.

Savior siblings are children born through assisted reproduction in an effort to save the life of a sibling who has a fatal illness that can be successfully treated with a hematopoietic stem cell transplant.

Although stem cell transplants from cord blood yield better health outcomes than those from bone marrow, their stem cells are normally taken from the umbilical cord after birth, while both techniques may occasionally be used.

Role of Renew Healthcare in the “Save the Sibling” Program

The process of the “Save the Sibling” Program involves using In-vitro fertilization (IVF) at Renew Healthcare to create embryos that are screened for compatibility with the affected sibling. The embryos that are a match are then implanted in the mother’s womb, and the resulting child is born with the intention of providing stem cells for their older sibling. The key to Save the Siblings is the preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Renew performs accurate PGD on an embryo(s) to find out the embryos that meet the challenges of avoiding the condition and matching the tissue type of the ailing child. The selected embryo(s) are implanted in the child’s mother’s womb to form pregnancy and deliver the “Savior Sibling”. The newborn’s umbilical cord is harvested to collect stem cells for the transplant.

If the couple wants they can use IVF to conceive another child or if in case they require another cycle. Also, they can freeze the remaining viable embryos (if any) with Renew Healthcare for future use.

The decision to conceive a child specifically to provide stem cells for a sibling with a genetic condition is a deeply personal one that must be made by the family involved. It is important for families to consider all of the potential implications – ethical, moral, psychological, and medical – before making this decision.

Renew Healthcare, Cordlife, and HCG EKO Collaboration for Social Cause

IVF in kolkata, Stem Cell Banking, and Stem Cell Transplant all under one roof, a comprehensive and efficient solution for families facing medical challenges. This approach can offer families the opportunity to conceive a child through IVF, store their child’s stem cells for future use in medical treatments, and access stem cell transplant services if needed. It is important for families to carefully consider their options and work with medical professionals to determine the best course of action for their unique situation.

Renew Healthcare, Cordlife, and HCG EKO have collaborated for the first time to offer a “Save the Sibling” program to society, with a commitment to serve society. This is for the first time in India that three national brands have come together to jointly start a non-profit endeavor for society, backed by a joint team of highly trained professionals.

“Save the Sibling” Initiative

“Save the Sibling” is an initiative aimed at providing hope to families with a child suffering from a life-threatening illness by offering them the opportunity to conceive a healthy “savior sibling” through advanced genetic testing and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. We believe that this program will bring immense value to society and help families in need.

Let us keep pushing forward, keep communicating, and keep making memories. Together, we can overcome any obstacle and create a lifetime of happiness.

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