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The most common question that women who are taken up for the IVF process ask is the process painful at any stage….
To begin with, at the very start of the IVF process we stimulate both the ovaries to make eggs i.e grow follicles by giving hormonal injections called gonadotrophins daily.

These injections are given as shots in the lower part of the abdomen. Most of the time there will only be a little discomfort and no pain. The monitoring of proper growth of follicles in both ovaries is done by ultrasound procedure where the route of inserting the ultrasound probe is transvaginal.

in Vitro fertilization process

This again is not painful at all during the reproductive years of women. The transvaginal route is preferred because it gives more picture clarity. Once the follicles are mature to be retrieved we proceed for ovum pick up.

Now since this procedure is crucial, where a fine needle is used to puncture the follicles and aspirate the fluid inside the follicles it is always done under general anesthesia. This procedure takes a little more time and needs to be done patiently and carefully. The patient in that case does not feel anything.

Final Outcome

Finally, once the embryos are made in the IVF Lab they need to be transferred to the woman’s uterus (womb). This procedure again is not painful at all in the reproductive years of a woman.

ivf process

So done without anesthesia routinely. But if any patient is very anxious or has never conjugated then it can be done under general anesthesia.

So we see that IVF treatment is a very patient-friendly treatment worldwide not painful at all and safe.

So have all your doubts cleared and have yourself a clear Idea that IVF. It is totally painless and and very successful process of giving birth to a new life.

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