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IVF is a popular infertility treatment that is not only expensive but an exhausting treatment with high success rates. With the help of blood thinning injections, the chances of delivering a healthy baby increase. There have been reports where specialists have proven 100% successful.
Furthermore, fertility experts not only help infertile couples to have a healthy baby, but they also provide hope for the couples with treatable issues by uncovering modern breakthrough therapies. One such latest technology is the IVF method is a blood-thinning agent that helps to improve the unfavorable conditions for intended parents. Several fertility experts found a gene mutation in some couples going through IVF treatment, who have struggled for years to have children.

Discovery of destructive gene mutation in Infertile Couples

IVF labs are implanting healthy embryos in the mother & the uterus. However, only a few embryos make it to term and the percentage of a successful pregnancy is really low. Even under favorable conditions, the mothers still suffer from miscarriage. Therefore, obvious questions were raised among medical experts and scientists.
A study suggests that a gene mutation tried to eliminate the fetus. The gene infiltrates the placenta and separates the fetus from it. The main causes for such gene mutation formation are miscarriage, blood clotting, and growth problems in babies for women who managed to hold throughout pregnancy.

How Blood Thinners Like Heparin Help With Gene Mutation?

A recent study confirmed that around 44% of the infertile couples opting for IVF treatment
suffered from a particular gene mutation. To neutralize and counteract the gene
mutation, scientists looked for a solution.
Heparin drug has proven to fight the deadly consequences of gene mutation. The drug helps to keep the blood thin and prevents the formation of blood clots and blood thickening that are dangerous and may force women to abort the baby.
Experts use heparin to treat deep venous thrombosis and similar conditions.
However, couples often have queries about why they cannot use substitutes like aspirin or ibuprofen for heparin. The reason is that these medicines cannot reach the placenta to stop the gene mutation. Moreover, these medications can be dangerous to the mother and the baby. Heparin, on the other hand, is highly effective and safer than other medications.
According to fertility experts across the country, 40% of the couples with gene mutations have live births to healthy babies after receiving heparin drugs.

Detecting the gene mutation

Early in the treatment will help couples to boost their success rates in pregnancy. Furthermore, experts recommend testing couples for the mutation early to start treating with heparin injections.

Final words
Various couples suffer from multiple miscarriages with IVF treatment. Earlier, detecting gene mutations was difficult and even under all the right conditions, miscarriage took place.
However, blood thinners like heparin drugs help to keep the gene mutation away from the placenta and harm the unborn child. Several studies have proven blood thinners to improve success rates of IVF treatment if detected at an early stage.

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