Pooja Raja

only certified fertility counselor in India till date

Pooja Raja is the only certified fertility counselor in India till date. She has been associated with Renew Healthcare since the inception. She has more than 9 years of experience in the field of counselling. Diploma in Psychological Counselling Foundation course for fertility counselors from British Infertility counseling Association. FERTILITYCOUNSELING POSTGRADUATE COURSE with Sharon N Covington and Hafkin and Associates.

Making babies in the 21st century course from University College London Member of IICO International infertility counselling organization from India. Member of Bica British infertility counselling organization Her personal experience with infertility was the inspiration behind her decision to work in the field of infertility counseling. she feels privileged to be able to accompany patients on their journey through fertility treatment and beyond, providing support and compassion all along the complex path.

Role of Psychological counsellor

What I can offer from My experiences in counselling Infertile couples?

I have been working in the files of Fertility counselling for 9 years have been effectively helping many couples deal with the weight of emotional burden they have been carrying.

One of the most important characteristics of a counsellor is being empathetic about couple’s emotional pain and feels. Group counselling has been instrumental is venting out suppressed feeling and making both partners relate their pain with other couples experiencing similar problems and has helped everyone achieve the strength and hope to keep trying.